Cheshire Vehicle Rental
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What Age Do I Need to Be to Hire a Vehicle?

Drivers for all vehicles must be over 25

How Long Do I Need to Have Held a Licence for?

Drivers must have held their licence for 2 years or more UNLESS hiring a 9 seater minibus or over then the driver must be over 30 and held their licence for 3 years or more.

What Do I Need To Show When Booking and Collecting a Hire Vehicle?

When booking with ourselves we will need the following.

  • A Full Valid Licence – If it is the new style we need to see both the photo card and the paper counterpart. If the driver has a paper only licence we will need to see some form of Photo ID such as a Passport.
  • Proof of Address such as a utility bill, bank statement council tax bill etc dated within the last 3 months.
  • Full Payment on Credit/Debit Card or cash

What if I Have Endorsements (points) on My Licence

If you have any endorsements on your licence please make us aware of them upon booking as many endorsements remain on your licence for 4 years unless you have any of the following codes DR10, DR20,DR30 DR80 ,CD40 , CD50, CD60, and CD70 or have been banned from driving as these remain on your licence for 11 clear years from the date of conviction.

Are there any additional costs to the rental prices?

There is a security deposit of £100 taken for each vehicle which is returnable at the end of the rental period. All vehicles on hire carry a Collision Damage Excess of £850 that the customer will be liable to pay in the event of any accident occurring, whilst a vehicle is in their custody or control.

Can I add an additional driver?

Yes you can. Any additional drivers you wish to add on to are subject to the same conditions as the main driver and there will be a small charge of £4.00 per day for the additional driver.

Can I hire a van for just a few hours?

We do offer half day (4 hour) Rental periods but only Monday to Thursday and only during working hours. We are just too busy over the weekends to offer this.

If my plans change can I end my rental period early and receive a part refund?

Yes you can. As long as you give the Rental Branch 24 hours notice then you are able to return your vehicle early and will receive a part refund.

Can I take a vehicle abroad?

It is possible for our vehicles to be taken abroad however this must be arranged with the Rental Branch at least 7 days in advance. Additional charges are involved to the Rental as several items need to be arranged by the branch such as Insurance Green Card, VE103B and European Breakdown Cover.

Can I guarantee a particular make and model of vehicle?

The vehicles illustrated within this website are for guidance only and may be substituted for a suitable alternative/upgrade. We will, however, try and accommodate any request for specific vehicles you ask for.

What should I do if my Rental Vehicle breaks down?

All our vehicles on fleet are regularly serviced and checked before each rental, therefore, breakdowns are rare. However, each vehicle is fully covered with 24 hour breakdown assistance.

Do you offer any ‘Special items’ such as baby seats, Sat Navs etc…

No, however some of our vehicles have built in Sat Navs so we will be able to advise you in these areas.

Can I return my hire vehicle outside of your working hours?

No, vehicles can only be returned during our opening hours. Vehicles left outside our premises overnight are still in the customers custody, until the keys are handed to a member of staff. This also means the Rental period is charged until keys are returned.